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Just had our entire audio system overhauled at AudioToyz. We added a backup camera, and undercarriage/front camera for off road use, and a received with all the latest technology. Our day had to be modified, and Bilky dos a fantastic job making our custom pieces look stock.
Laura M., Foothill Ranch, CA
Excellent and fast service.

My husband just bought his car yesterday, and was looking for a tint place open on Sunday- so his car would be perfect before the work week started. I went straight to Yelp to help me find something and came across Audio Toyz. (Coincidentally, a few friends had already recommended Audio Toyz to another friend.)

My husband called at 8am Sunday morning and although they were booked all day, they were willing to squeeze his car in sometime by 5pm. We dropped his car off at 10am and picked it at 3pm.

They did a great job and my husband couldn’t be more happy with the quality and service.

Heather D., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Just got a new car and couldn’t wait to get the windows tinted. Billy, the manager, was able to get me scheduled immediately. They really take their time in insuring the job is done to the highest standard. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past at other places. Billy and his team really take pride in their work. I’m very satisfied with the end results.
Jon P., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Billy took the time to tune my car stereo and made it sound better than I ever thought possible.

First class!

Chuck K., Lake Forest, CA
I went here a couple times to get some stuff done to my car. Billy here took care of me. He’s good at what he does. I’ve been to a few places like this and the service I received was no where near what this place does. They always make sure everything is ok before I leave. Ask for Billy.
Phong T., Newport Beach, CA
I’ve had a handful of stuff done here and at a few other shops. The difference between here and others is price and quality. You pay for what you get when it comes to modifying and here you are paying for it to be done right the first time. These guys stand behind their work and don’t cut corners. After seeing how bad the cheap guys in Santa Ana installed my friends system (not using adapter brackets, fit and finish of head unit into the dash, not tucking wires, electrical tape on twisted wires) I won’t be going anywhere else but here. Plus they do custom fab work if you really want to get nuts with your setups, Billy has built some crazy setups and show cars.
Michael Z., Cape Coral, FL
I recently purchased Xpel protection film for my new headlights that needed to be professionally installed. Ashton at Audio Toyz installed the film for me and did a perfect job! To be completely honest, I noticed that the film had residue from the alcohol used for lubrication and it seemed to look worse after a couple of days. I read that this was normal and that it would eventually evaporate away after a week or two. Still not convinced, I went back to the shop and spoke with Jeff. He reassured me that this was normal after a ‘wet install’ and that it would go away in a week or so. As advised, I waited patiently—now the film looks perfect and is crystal clear!
Karan K., Ladera Ranch, CA
I’m very pleased with the service here. I got a ceramic tint done and it really made a difference. I would recommend ceramic tint because it keeps your vehicle culo.
Leann S., Rialto, CA
I had my car tinted here a few weeks ago, Billy was VERY helpful and made the process quick and easy! They did a great job, and the pricing was very fair. Would highly recommend, and am referring my friends to Audio Toyz!
Alicia F., Mission Viejo, CA
Went there today looking for a new amp and the VP was taking care of me, he went above and beyond explaining everything making sure I knew what was going on and understand what I’m buying.
Julian M., Camp Pendleton North, CA
I have been to this location a handful of times for different work on my truck. Theres a lot of things I know how to do when it comes to working on my truck, but when theres something i don’t know how to do or would rather not attempt I bring it to these guys. Every visit here has been solid, they know what they are doing and aren’t out to screw you over. When it came to installing a mesh grill I had purchased online, it definitely was not a perfect fit, and I knew I shouldn’t try to install it myself. Billy installed it, Looked better than I thought it could!! so stoked I had him do it, looked like it was installed from the factory. He also wired a light bar I purchased, he noticed the light bar wiring harness i purchased was cheap and would keep me from getting the most light out of my led bar. He hooked me up with wiring and a button from their shop no extra charge. Theres has been many times I call them just to get an opinion and they’re more than happy to help. Honestly there isn’t enough good things I can say about these guys and this business. Ill definitely be back for any other modifications or repairs I might come across with my truck. Great work guys its much appreciated !!!
Jered S., San Juan Capistrano, CA
These guys are great. They know what they’re doing and do good work quickly. I had a new stereo put in my BMW that required some cutting and rearranging of my instrument panel. They were very upfront and accurate about everything from pricing to installation. I appreciate the service and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend.
Ryan P., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
I wasn’t sure I was the typical client for them, since it looked like they did a lot of custom installs. I needed to put a new radio in my 97 Honda, so my daughter would drive the car. They were super helpful and got the install put in the next day when I dropped the car off for a future hours. The install was perfect and they installed the hands-free phone linkage mike right above the rear-view mirror (no loose wires). He also took off a little$$ on the install, since he could reuse a faceplate from existing radio.

I know I wasn’t anywhere close to their average client, but they treated me so well that I have sent a couple friends there way and will continue to recommend them to anyone that wants a honest and clean install.

Fred J., Mission Viejo, CA
Billy and his team at AT helped me with replacing my factory radio in my 2013 Durango. From the beginning I felt like Billy was willing to help me and answer any questions I had about different radios and pricing. He was able to custom fabricate an Alpine radio and made it look amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service, installation and just overall experience I had with AT and Billy.

If I need anything else, I would definitely go back to Billy and AT!!

Dallas H., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
I came here after my radio broke and boy, was it an adventure. My OEM radio on my Toyota Camry suddenly crashed and burned for an unknown reason. I took it to so many places – my local auto guy said he didn’t know what the issue was (all the fuses were good). Battery reset didn’t work. So I went to my local Toyota dealership…………who informed me it would be $150 just to look at the stupid thing (and probably $500+ to replace it). Luckily, the guy at the dealership was honest and told me about Audio Toyz.

Upon arrival, they took a look at it and knew it was busted. The guys were super nice – they tried to look for an OEM radio ($50 + $50 to install) but unfortunately they couldn’t find it. They even offered me the number of a guy who probably could fix my radio. Ultimately, I ended up replacing my radio with one of the alpine models. It took about an hour but the sound is great and it is definitely an upgrade to what I had before. They taught me how to use the features and sent me on my way. At no point did they try to upsell me anything I didn’t need. The pricing was very fair compared to the dealership but best of all, it felt like they were just genuinely trying to help me solve my problem. As a girl, I usually always get upsold and lied to – it was a nice relief to not have to deal with that for once.

Thanks guys! I’d give you six stars if I could 🙂

Jessica L., Lake Forest, CA
Great tint work on my Audi A8. All my cars are going to Audi Toyz as they care and do things right!
David D., Orange, CA
I had Audio Toyz install some speakers into my car for me. Not only did they do a great job, but it was done fast, and they even washed my car for me. I used them for window tinting about a year ago which prompted me to use them again. Thanks for the fast and professional manner in which you took care of my car!
Hans A., Orange, CA
Billy was awesome. My daughter needed a subwoofer for for her new car. The work was excellent. I was so impressed that I took my BMW in for him to tint the windows. Again super excellent service. I would highly recommend this place.
Charles S., Newport Beach, CA
These guys rock!!!! I had 2 10″ subs, amp and some interior lights installed today and I couldn’t be happier. I had a bad experience at another shop called Fabricante Audio. Those guys Jacked my ride up, these guys hooked my ride up. I highly recommend Audio Toyz, they do great work. Billy and Chad are masters of their crafts.
David P., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Great service…always impressed with the quality of the work! I have been using them for years and just got a new boat so I drove all the way to Havasu to bring it back and have them do my stereo system…Thanks Billy and Phill!
John R., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Audio Toyz is a perfect choice for your needs. We took our brand new Yukon Denali to them to have our windows tinted and they were straightforward, professional and kind. They have a lot of knowledge in all areas and did an excellent job! I absolutely recommend them.
Jessica C., Ladera Ranch, CA
This shop does great work, only place i will take my cars to get tint or stereo upgrades. they are the best in the business. i highly recommend them for any work that you need done.
Kyle M., Trabuco Canyon, CA
I recently bought an older convertible just to tool around in. As it was a 2006 it didn’t have bluetooth audio streaming and it had some whacked older Satellite radio system in it. I wanted VAIS components installed as they integrate into this car nicely and the company gave me Toyz as one of their vendors. I spoke with three of the companies recommended and even went to one to see about having the stuff installed. Two of the places showed little interest, none really, when I spoke with them on the phone. They were nice, but my request just isn’t a very exciting proposition I guess. The shop I went to wasn’t mean exactly, but was very uninterested and was kind of rude taking phone calls and having conversations with people walking in and out of the store while we were in the middle of discussing the job. Anyway, I stop into Toyz on a Sunday and speak with Mark. 15 minutes later……deal’s done. Parts are ordered and install is scheduled. I stop in there the following Thursday and they estimate two hours. One hour later it’s done. I did need to stop back in and have the programming tweaked on the new component software. That took 15 minutes. Everyone was very competent and patient. I thought the price was reasonable as well. It’s a great shop.
Rudy H., Dana Point, CA
Top Notch stuff. All the audio gear that most of the other shops have never heard of. And with the knowledge and expertise to put it in and hide it like it was never there. These guys are nothing short of amazing. Expensive but you get what you pay for. And there is no finer in the area believe me. The closest professional that I knows what the hell he’s doing is all the way in Garden Grove.
De Jay Bailey, Shadow Hills, CA
Customer service is great and they have lots of options. I added a backup camera and a new sound system in my truck and haven’t had any issues. Great place.
Stacey K., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
These guys here are the best, especially Billy and another guy (I don’t know what his name is). They were so kind and helped me a lot (they litterally helped me to save like $200). Come here and you’ll get help from the nicest people on Earth!!!
Kaitlyn P., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Great experience! I had Audio Toyz remove a built-in radar detector from my BMW. Billy, the installer (or uninstaller in my case), was friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely consider having Audio Toyz work on my car in the future.
Matthew N., Placentia, CA
Came in for a tint on my vehicle and was super pleased with instal, service, and pricing. No up-selling here, they consult you on all the things you really need.
Rick P., Lake Forest, CA
Audiotoyz is the best customer service. I’ve taken 4 of my cars for tinting, stereos. Always professional and courteous and great pricing!! Billy and Phil are great!
Chris W., Lake Forest, CA
Thank you so much to Audio Toyz for making my sound system so much better and for the clean job they did! Also my tint is perfect. I have gone to other audio and tint places in the past and Audio Toyz did such a better job and in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with Billy. He promised my car at 2:30 and it was done, washed and ready to go! Thank you again! You guys rock!
Tara S., Trabuco Canyon, CA
Talk about Above and Beyond! I wanted to add a navigation/stereo/Bluetooth/ camera set up to our Jeep JK, as a surprise for my husband. Billy helped me research what we would need, and even custom fabricated a dash piece to make the new screen look factory. They didn’t try to up sell beyond what I asked for, which I find refreshing. If you have any audio/video needs, check these guys out!
Laura M., Mission Viejo, CA
Always a bit sketchy when you refer someone after you had ONE great experience, but I referred my realtor friend, Amy Sims, to Audio Toyz when she needed sensors and a camera installed on her new moving truck. That was a BIG DEAL to refer someone for a business project. The AMAZING BILLY did it AGAIN! He is always JUST as excited as the person getting the work done! Thanks Billy for taking care of Amy!
Wendy M., Mission Viejo, CA
I had the fortune of dealing with Billy. Gave me a new meaning to “plug and play”, but to his credit, my car is a little finicky. He took care of my car even though I had to keep coming back due to issues, but they resolved them and did not charge me extra for their time. That’s service. Thanks Billy. Plug and play! 😉
Choister C., Ladera Ranch, CA
Window Tinting:
I recently had my window’s tinted at Audio Toyz and Jeff did an awesome job. He was very knowledgeable in helping me choose my degree (darkness) of tint, and was very friendly as well. There is no bubbling or imperfections, it looks great and the price was beyond fair for the service and quality.

Car Audio / Installations:
I previously had a stereo installed in my car from a different place, the service was just okay. So when I decided to get a sub I went ahead and gave Audio Toyz a try since they such a great job on my windows. Greg was my installer and did a fantastic job. Not only was he friendly and informative, but the job was finished quickly and my car was left cleaner than when I dropped it off.

Thanks guys!

Alexandra A., Costa Mesa, CA
These guys are true professionals. I had a motorhome with a bad backup camera and they fixed it in less than an hour. Mark said he could over the phone and many Rv dealers were iffy. One dealer quoted $750. Salvadore took 15 minutes to access the problem and off I went for $233. They are great!

Thanks guys!

Jimmie A., Newport Beach, CA
Love this place. Have had several cars tinted here. You get what you pay for. Others may be cheaper, but these guys are the best. High quality, great service.
Ron E., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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